So You Want To Build A Shed part 2

In this multi-part segment of Ask MJ, we answer your questions on the different aspects of building a shed. From the permits, to the site choice to the materials and styles.

Lay Down a Good Foundation

No shed will last very long if it’s set on a weak base. Most sheds can be supported by an on-grade foundation, which consists of solid concrete blocks or pressure-treated wood timbers set directly on the ground. The concrete blocks or timbers (a.k.a.: skids) must be perfect level and placed close enough to support the shed’s floor frame. And to protect the foundation blocks or skids from soil erosion, set them on a 4-in.-deep bed of compacted gravel. If the foundation is relatively small, compact the gravel with a hand tamper. But for any shed larger than about 8×10 ft., save yourself a ton of time and sweat by renting a plate compactor, which is a large gas-powered, ground-pounding machine.

If you plan to build a shed that’s larger than 200 sq. ft., the building inspector will likely require you to install a permanent foundation that extends down to the frost line. This type of foundation is usually constructed of poured-concrete piers or buried pressure-treated wood posts. Check with the building department for specific code requirements and frost-line depth in your area.

And be aware that if you’re buying a prefabricated shed, it doesn’t come with the foundation, which you must build prior to delivery.

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Mary-Jean (MJ) Jacobson loves to talk real estate! She is passionate about helping clients increase the value of the assets. She is a Professional Property Manager, Strata Manager, Real Estate Sales Agent and Licensed Managing Broker. She writes a series of articles blogs and whitepapers about the real estate and property management industry at ASK MJ 

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Mary-Jean Jacobson

Mary-Jean Jacobson

MJ is the Managing Broker & Owner of Pace Realty Corporation.

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