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Mary-Jean Jacobson

Owner & Managing Broker

Learn more about MJ and
our other leaders on our
Leadership page!

Margaret Lipke

Executive Assistant

Our PG office's go-to woman for just about anything and everything. 
But face her wrath if you don't recycle...! 

Holly-Lynne McQuinn

Senior Licensed Strata Manager

Having been with Pace since 2015, she is highly experienced in both Property & Strata Management.

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Miekel Aichele

Property Manager (Unlicensed)

She's a globetrotter, having experienced the beauty of 25 countries and counting!

Jennifer Foster

Strata Manager (Unlicensed)

Always the sarcastic, she likes to see people smile and help out whenever and wherever needed.

Stacie Stewart

Property Management Administrator

Don't be fooled by her quiet and sweet demeanour, b'y! This girl has a secret Newfie personality. 

Lorelei Martell

Accounting Lead

She's the office's go-to techie
who doesn't really want to be the office's go-to techie. 

Landon Brown

Licensed Strata Manager


Landon loves dogs.

Lisa O'Neill


If you come by our office in person, you're very likely to be blessed with her beautiful face and personality!

Willetta Ellington

Property Manager - Unlicensed

Our PG office manager, property manager, and part of the social committee... what doesn't she do?

Bronwyn Ellington

Reception Assistant

She is our second sweet face up front who is always ready to lend a helping hand.

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Kathy Fedyk

Strata Administrative Assistant

She is nice, fun and totally quirky - in a good way! Kathy adores her twins and her animals.

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Anna Turpin

Strata Administrative Assistant

Smart, nice and quiet - Anna is always on the ball and ready to help.

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VP of Operations

As the son of our managing broker, MJ, he has a very important role in the office. He directs the operations of Pace in support of our goals! 


office mascot

ruff ruff!


Annelise Miller

Licensed Realtor

A true pacesetter - Annelise brings with her a passionate attitude, as well as the energy and drive to succeed. 

Hayley Vilness

Licensed Realtor

She's down-to-earth and enthusiastic, always ready to lend a helping hand and go that extra mile for her clients. 

Giuseppe Bravo

Licensed Realtor

Born and raised in Kitimat, BC, his experience and connections in the community have lead to his success. Bravo, Giuseppe!

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Diane Lawrence

Office Manager

Always prepared and forever reliable, Diane is our trustworthy Kitimal gal in charge. 

Debbie SCOTT


Newest to the team - Debbie has had to learn SO much in a short amount of time. We should really just refer to her as Wonder Woman. 

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Angela Sevigny

Licensed Realtor


Coming Soon!


Rick Morgan

Licensed Realtor

Rick has been involved in the real estate industry for 30 years.

Melissa Pineau

Licensed Realtor

Raised in real estate, she teamed
up with her dad, Rick, after getting
her licence at 19 years old.

coming soon

Kelly Wesche-Ware

Property Manager (Unlicensed)




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